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GPS Technology

GPS technology is embedded into phones and into devices and the applications are growing and shifting everyday. We asked our Zintro experts about the emerging trends and markets that GPS technology is moving into and the challenges and opportunities for growth in this sector.

GPS technology is also getting smaller. This means it can be attached to more and more things. “As GPS gets smaller and cheaper, we will see things being tracked across the globe. Already, most freight is tracked in some manner (RFID or GPS), but what about vehicles, pets, parcels, bicycles, groceries? Tracking becomes important when we want to know about the journey a thing takes, so what about measuring the distance the produce in your meal took to arrive at your plate?”

Trends In Navigation Apps

It comes as no surprise that 2013 has already been deemed the year of the connected car, and car manufacturers are delving into new technology that will allow you to be wired into the internet and everything it has to offer while you’re on the road. But the more affordable way to make use of new technology that can help you in all kinds of areas when you’re in the car is by taking advantage of popular driving apps. Apps that encourage smart driving, help you navigate the road, and make your journeys away from home a lot easier are on the rise.

Indoor Positioning and Navigation

Outdoor positioning and navigation is “solved”. The technology (signals, maps, software) is there, reliable, and omnipresent. The number of applications using localization and navigation has exploded. Mapping and navigation are critical components of any mobile device and online service and hugely important for the end customer’s experience.It is no longer a solution looking for a problem – it is fundamental for virtually every mobile/online user experience.

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